What Features Should a Web Host Service Have?

In the present times many shopping physical stores are being replaced by online stores and many physical offices are being replaced by online offices. In such digital world good digital presence is essential for any business.Here are a few features you should look for when selecting a web hosting provider, a key component needed to take your business online.

Disk space and bandwidth

Most companies now offer unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space with their competitive packages. However, the truth is every package and company has their own usage monitoring system. If you ask the company representative upfront, they will let you know the usage cap for particular packages. This will help you compare which package would be best for your requirements.

Quality of data centers

The web host service will only be as good as their Datacenter support. Many of the leading web hosts have invested in high quality datacenters with continuous mentoring and backup on the systems. This guarantees against even a single breakdown of the hosting service.

Fully managed plans

It is important for your web host to provide pans that take out the redundancy of opting for additional services on any other platforms. So fully managed hosting plans are the trend these days. The best hosts provide tools such as free website builders, spam filters, traffic statistics monitoring, email marketing options and list management tools.

Page upload speeds

The Page upload speed on your website will ultimately affect your website’s sales performances. Your traffic stats will also be directly related to this factor. So speed is a mandatory quality to check for in a web host. However, remember, the speed will also be affected by your website’s optimization. So, make sure the entire factors lineup to give your website the maximum speed.

Network support

The web hosting providers should use the best specifications in Hardware and use the best network support for their servers. Te networks should be protected with layers of security strategies. Also, they should support high Gigabit uplinks for the smoothest performance.

Applications support

Your web host should allow for installations of the latest application on their platform to improve your website’s performance and customer experience on your websites. The installation of leading shopping cart applications such as Zencart or blog CMS installations such as Drupal, WordPress etc. should be handled with minimum hassles.

Customer support

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, glitches due to website maintenance are common fallout for both types of users. It is important that your web host be able to give you technical support as and when you need it. Remember, every minute that your website is not online and accessible to your customers, you are losing potential sales. A knowledgeable and friendly support team is a major factor to look for in a web host, if you want years of smooth web experience.


Finally, your budget will be a huge deciding factor on the final plan that you select. Remember, there is no need to select a higher priced package in the very beginning, especially if you are just about to launch your website and/or have less than average web traffic currently.… ..

Web Hosting Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers are a complete server rented by a single client for their use. They might use it to host their network of websites or just a single ecommerce portal. They might also use the dedicated server to bring their entire team to collaborate on a virtual platform. However, the essential fact is with web hosting dedicated server, the single client is the boss, and no other websites share their space.

Two type of hosting choices

With dedicated hosting, you have two basic types of choices based on the operating system of the server. You can choose either Windows based dedicated hosting or Linux base dedicated hosting. Linux based dedicated servers are often more affordable than Windows based servers. However, with Linux based servers, you might be restricted from using certain programming languages such as ASP.net, which help to create dynamic and interactive websites.

Do you need dedicated web hosting?

If your website is critically high on CPU usage and currently on the verge of reaching its limit on shared and VPS servers, it might be time to switch over to a dedicated server. Often startup ecommerce portals launch their web project directly on dedicated servers because their tendency to build up web traffic unusually within a few short time. Also, this way the websites are the most secure when storing all the crucial credit card information submitted by the customers. Webmasters, who develop business websites and often provide temporary hosting services for their clients, should also consider dedicated hosting for their services.


Pro features of dedicated web hosting

dedicated hosting

Full control over your server – this type f hosting service removes all kinds of restrictions regarding the choice of operating systems or programs you want installed on your server. You will have unyielding control over the full functionality of your server. The CPU, memory and bandwidth associated with the server does not have to be shared. Thus, websites on dedicated hosting are automatically faster and much more responsive. You also have a greater guarantee of uptime for your websites.

Low overhead and high ROI – Dedicated web hosting costs much more than shared servers, However, for certain web projects which are geared towards developing high traffic within a short period, storing client sensitive information or as a base of an entire network of websites, this type of plan might be economically more stable than any other plan in the market.

Comparison of pricing before selection

Different web hosting services provide different packages for their dedicated servers. They offer various pricings depending on the complexity of servers, physical servers, virtual servers, or combination of all these types of servers within your plans. You will also get a pricing difference depending upon the location of the server. It is crucial to go online and compare a few of the dedicated hosting plans, their offers and coupons before committing to anyone of them.

What to look for in managed dedicated web hosting

  • Look for 24×7 telephonic and live chat customer support
  • Expect periodic upgrades of the OS, the software and the hardware configurations of your server.

Web Hosting For Your Domains

Web hosting is a critical need when the entire world is going digital. To expand your web presence you need to host your own company or individual websites. However, if you are confused about web hosting for your domains, here are details to help you make an informed choice.

Why you need a web host

Whether looking for web hosting domains for personal branding or an online presence for your business, you should start with a clear understanding of what is a web host. A web host is a company or service providing industry strength server space for your website to live on. These servers are huge computers that are never shut down. They can continue to keep your website online for your customers to access whenever they want.

Types of web hosting companies

Based on your preferences, you can choose from a wide variety of web hosting companies

Dial up web hosting – Many internet service providers also provide web hosting for their customers. These web-hosting services are usually much cheaper than any other offers online. However, a consistent statistic shows that these companies seldom manage to provide a high quality web hosting experience. So if you are looking to host a site for serious income, avoid this type of hosting company.

Hosting provided by web developers – Many web developers offer a small space on their own servers to host the business pages for their clients. Sometimes, startups looking to just have static information site online, use this type of service at a very nominal cost. However, this is a highly unlikely choice for websites with large network requirements.

Hosting provided by individuals – May individuals buy server space in bulk on main hosting company servers and resell the space to their own customers. Reseller hosting is getting quite popular nowadays. However, the responsibility of maintenance of the server will solely fall on the individual. If they are not highly qualified in server tech support, you might be left with a very unreliable service for your website hosting.

Professional web hosting companies – These companies are solely formed for web hosting domains of different companies and individuals. The quality of web hosting provided by these companies is definitely much better than the other types of webhosts mentioned in this list.

Types of web hosting services

You can choose from a variety of different types of web hosting services depending on your preferences and website needs.

Shared hosting – This is by far the cheapest type of hosting service. Under this service, you will share server space with multiple websites and accordingly the price of maintaining the site will come way down for you. Depending on the size or number of your websites, you can choose different package plans for shared hosting.

Dedicated hosting – Under this type of service, you will have a server completely dedicated to your website. You will not share the server space with any other websites. Thus, it is a much faster and reliable space for moderate to high traffic websites to be hosted on.… ..

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Finding A Quality Web Host: UK

If you search for the top web hosts in UK, you will be quite surprised with the horde of choices in the market. You can take your pick from free hosts, paid hosts and even hosts who are based in other countries but offer UK based servers for their potential customers. Here are a few details that will help you refine your search to locate a quality web host in UK.

Look for all-inclusive features

When you search for the best web host UK, start your search by finding out the features that the companies offer which are different from the others in the pack. Look for all-inclusive features such as a domain registration with the hosting to no limits on traffic or even the availability of discounts for longer packages. These features will save you time and money over the original package features.

Search with leading core features

Regardless of which company you choose, they should provide essential core features, which are the standards in today’s market. So, look for larger disk space and bandwidth availability. Now, do not fall for the unlimited marketing line, every package has a limit on the CPU usage or inodes, so ask for these limits upfront. Ensure that their servers are indeed based in UK and also enquire if they provide traffic monitoring support on their cPanel.

Search for programming and database supports

Your web host should be able to provide leading database support, so you can install CMS and dynamic website designs on your server. Look for multiple MySQL supports and popular languages such as Perl, Python and PHP supports. As an added advantage, they can also provide support for GD library and Ghostscript, which further help refining your website experience.

Email and tech communication support

The web host should provide webmail access and possibly auto responders or mail forwarding services. In some cases, you might have to pay extra for some of these services, but do not compromise on the availability of anti-virus and anti –spam protection on your email accounts on the server.

Customer support quality

The customer support quality will determine the rest of your journey with your web-hosting provider. A host with less than average tech support will only create problems for you in the future with consistent tech troubles and in efficient management system.

The price factor

When selecting popular web host UK, you will be spoilt for choice on the availability of price ranges for different packages. You can start with free web hosts and move on up to steep price packages. It is a good idea to start with free package to be acquainted with the system, especially if you are new to the hosting scenario. However, for sites with a heavier traffic profile, start with paid hosting only and choose for a price that is within your budget.

Availability of different hosting types

Check whether your hosting provider is equipped to provide other types of hosting other than shared hosting. You can ask for VPS and dedicated hosting support at the same hosting company.… ..

Go For Best Business Web Hosting

Whether you are a nonprofit organization or a full-blown company with multiple websites on your network, you need to have all information regarding the web-hosting scenario before you can make an informed decision. The following details cover the various types of web hosting providers and also finding hosts with the best packages for businesses.

Types of web hosting providers

Dial Up services – Many ISPs often branch out as web hosting providers. However, research shows very few of them successfully provide quality in both aspects. However, they do have a lower price bracket so many beginners might consider these.

Developer’s access- The latest trend is for web developers to host their client’s business web pages o their servers. However, this is not a permanent solution and especially not for you if you want to dedicate a web site to building your business’s online branding.

Web hosting providers – These are dedicated to proving hosting only and thus have a much more refined service delivery. You can find many web-hosting companies with a simple search online. However, the trick is to settle on the best of the lot.

Industrial level advanced hosting – For companies with a highly developed website with multiple pages and ecommerce support, it might become quite important down the line to have a hosting service to support their growth. This might require mirror servers in various countries to aid page upload for a wider target audience. This category of hosting providers provides the ultimate advanced web hosting services.

Repercussions of making a wrong choice for web hosts

You might lose revenue in the process if you choose a web-hosting provider with too many flaws. Constant downtime might reduce your online sales and traffic stats. Your web host provider might also be responsible for a negative impact on your SEO strategies. Especially for shared hosting, you have to pick a service that caters to high quality sites and does not give you the same server space as illegal content providers. If your hosting provider does not have strong tech support and security maintenance team, you might be leaving your site completely vulnerable to malware attacks and various security issues.

How to refine your selection procedure for best business web hosting

Start by listing your priorities, what you need for your web host and any particular features that you do not want to compromise in the process. Also, jot down a comfortable budget range for the service. It is prudent to have a flexible budget. Aim to book a higher period under your first billing cycle, if you are completely sure of your selection.

Some of the best business web hosting providers

Dreamhost- The company offers free web hosting for nonprofit organizations, however, businesses should opt for business category hosting packages. The service provider does not provide telephone support for customers; however, they have an instant email support system.

Electric Embers – The company is a smaller name in the market but they cater to a solid foundation of non-profit organizations.… ..